Hello and welcome to homebirth-only.com! We have forever moved to this page and will make this our forever page. We apologize for any amount of times you have been redirected to another website that shamed this website. We have had a hacking attack when it comes to this. We sincerely hope you do not see this website as anything like the one you were directed to. The end users is very important we will never associate with people who shame anything of home birth or birth in general. We hope you understand it was not us the website owners who did this. We will ensure this never happens again. The owner has moved his website over to the URL listed below.


The goals of this domain are as followed as directed to the old owner and have stayed to this. The goals are:

1. Make this a website to encourage home birth and show mothers that there are options when they deliver their child.

2. To promote home birth.

3. To make this a help forum for mothers with questions or anyone related to this topic. We will make this a big but personal forum for everything we will have user security etc to ensure privacy and information is protected.